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Created in March 2009, Emperor Communications which, has now expanded to Emperor Group Ltd came to fill a void that had hitherto
existed in the local market. We decided to blend modernity and expertise, to provide a service that would ensure that our clients get “value
for money”. Our uniqueness stems from combining services that are related, but not limited to publicity and promotion. We also provide
services in other areas including security, safety, sales of gadgets and equipments,  construction, professional video works, cuisine and
agriculture. Through this, we have achieved a lot and proven to Cameroonian establishments that we can indeed ease their work.

With its team of IT experts ranging from administrators to graphic designers, architects and video professionals, EG in collaboration with its
partners, (home and abroad) uses modern technology equipment in development and production of its commodities.
It is the this team that has worked tirelessly to produce trust worthy results for renowned local and International institutions like the British
Council, The Premier League in England, NMI Education Cameroon, The British Language Centre, The Yaoundé 6 Council, Light World
Mission Int'l Church and G.S.A Cameroon amongst others.
Publicity materials and other promotional tools often referred to as “communication tools” are essential for
raising awareness about the issues/services that an organization or establishment is raising/selling.
However, most organizations often lack the appropriate skills and experience for developing these.

At Emperor Group Ltd, we do not only have the skills and expertise for developing (conceiving and designing)
communication tools but also produce these materials.
We ensure that our products are user friendly, in line with agreed policy, respecting technical details given by
our clients and meeting delivery deadlines. Our designs are conceived to ensure that they carry simple and
straightforward messages suitable for the target audience.
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