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Nsame Lofe Patrick
  General Manager
At Emperor Construction, we build your house, shopping mall or office from scratch: site plan
to design and then execution
Created a few years back, the company is already making a name for itself in the domain of
Emperor Construction has built a good number of private residences and two markets and
therefore has a better understanding of the difficulties involved  in mega projects.
We have concentrated our efforts on speed and accuracy to come up with quality structures.
With our staff comprising of project managers, site foremen, quality and quantity surveyors,
professional architectural technologists, area managers and headed by a general manager we
offer a design and build package that meets the needs of our clients.
This can be confirmed by some of our major clients like the Yaoundé 6 Council and the South
Regional Delegation for Agriculture and Rural Development (Ebolowa)
Our services Include but are not limited to :
· Conception and Design of site plans and
finished structures
· Construction of Private residences
· Construction of Markets and shopping malls
· Construction of schools
· Construction of Hospitals
· Construction of manual and automated water
plants (boreholes) for private and public use
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