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Emperor Communications is the mother company of the group. In fact it gave birth to Emperor Group Ltd. At Emperor
Communications, we design and produce communication tools (publicity gadgets), install security and safety systems and
sale and supply of electronic gadgets.

Our Products and services include but not limited to:
· Printing Press (offset and digital) in all formats
· Printing on CDs and DVDs (Mass production)
· Industrial embroidery on shirts, polos, T-shirts and caps
· Photo Enlargement and framing in any size needed.
· Alarm systems
· Video surveillance Systems
· Time and attendance systems
· Access Control systems
· Sales of electronic gadgets (encrypted memory sticks, professional digital cameras, projectors and projector
screens etc.)

We Produce and/or brand the following products:
· Posters of all sizes
· Leaflets
· Flyers
· Bookmarks
· Brochures and pamphlets
· Newsletters
· Calendars
· Notepads
· Receipt booklets
· T-shirts and Caps
· Conference and carryon bags
· Plastic bags
· Badges
· Complementary cards
· PVC cards
· Self adhesive stickers
· Key rings
· Umbrellas
· Paper napkins
· Display boards
· Mouse Mats
· Pens and pencils
· Street banners
· Backdrops,  perimeter banners, Pull-up banners  X-Banners, L-banners etc.
· Cups, Glasses and Plates

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