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Called up two weeks before a major sporting event organized
by the Premier League in England and the British Council to
train local coaches in Cameroon in The Premier Skills Project,
Emperor Communications designed, produced and supplied
state of the art corporate branded materials and equipments
in good time for the event. Amongst others, the following
communication tools were designed and produced:
· Pull up banners
· Backdrop banner on a 6m x 4m wooden stand
· Perimeter flyers for a football pitch
· Premier Skills/British Council branded pens
· Branded folders
· Branded notebooks
· Seminar badges
· Special invitation cards
· Certificates for participants
· Table flags
· Table flyers
· Kitbags and
· Seminar material booklets of over two hundred pages
On the 7th of August, 2013, the new Acacia Market in Yaoundé,
constructed by Emperor Construction, was inaugurated by the
minister of Territorial administration and decentralization, Rene Sadi,
in the presence of nine other ministers and a mammoth crowd.It is
worth mentioning that the new edifice, made up of 800 shops, a food
hangar of 200 stalls and a butchery of 100 slabs is purely an Emperor
Construction conception, and that it was delivered two months before
the delivery deadline.

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The great success registered in this project gave us another    ticket two years later to do the same Job. This time we had eight days, and we did it!